Executive On The Rise: Prezwell Jackson CEO of True Indy Management Consulting

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Music is a universal language and Prezwell Jackson speaks it well. Prezwell Jackson is the CEO of True Indy Management Consulting based in Seattle, Washington. He is a self-made entrepreneur bridging the gap between the independent artist and the major music industry. The cutting edge and innovative music executive is on the verge of major success within the music industry. Many are describing Prezwell Jackson as being the new “Berry Gordy” of the streets. Prezwell is well connected, hard working, assertive, business minded, imaginative, creative, energetic, honest, friendly and humble. His company specializes in branding, marketing, management, consultation, artist tour booking and showcasing.

“My Mission is to put the North West Music Scene on the Map” raves Prezwell. He is quickly becoming the “Ambassador of Hip Hop” for that region. Prezwell has forged strategic alliances with such esteemed music executives as Geter K, VP of Maybach Music Group and A&R Consultant and Producer Manager Sarah J. He has presented many dynamic events in the North West including Beat Battles and Artist Showcases.

“The major labels need to start investing in Artist Development again and look to groom long term stars instead of short term fads,” proclaims Mr. Jackson. Like Berry Gordy, Prezwell Jackson grooms his artists to think, act, walk and talk like royalty. “As a manager and a consultant, my mission involves helping my artists create a quality sound that is commercially viable and that has the ability to compete in the marketplace” states Prezwell.

Prezwell represents the new breed of today’s best creative music executives. He has worked with Torch and Gun Play of Maybach Music Group. Equally important, he currently manages and consults rap artists Rookie Snow and Glasses Malone of YMCMB.

According to Mr. Jackson, “The record labels must go back to hiring true music lovers and creative thinkers who are willing to take calculated risks and that’s my mission.” Additionally, he is currently working on a book entitled, “Power of the Pen, A Guide for the Underground Executive.”

Moreover, Prezwell Jackson’s True Indy Management Consulting firm has become an affiliate of Urban Threshold Enterprises Inc, which is one of the premier marketing/PR companies for independent artists in the country. As a result of the affiliation with Urban Threshold, Mr. Jackson can now get artists and produces in the Northwest national promotional exposure via such esteemed brands as XXL Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Shade 45 Sirius/XM Radio, Thisis50 Radio, AllHipHop.com, TheSource.com, YoRaps.com and much more.

“Innovation is my middle name,” proclaims Prezwell. With political savvy, good people skills and a keen ear for hot new sounds, Prezwell Jackson continues to make his mark in the music world. True Indy Management Consulting is looking to work with artists and labels that have great vision. From mixtapes to major national media placements, Prezwell Jackson can make it happen. Log on to www.prezwelljackson.com

TRUE INDY MGMT presents Rookie Snow ft. Roccett and Young Soprano *We Worldwide Hustling*

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