All In Enterprises Sponsors The 10Th Annual A&R Power Summit in South Beach, Miami

admin June 20, 2012 0

For Immediate Release: New Entertainment Powerhouse All In Enterprises is a key sponsor of the 10th Annual A&R Power Summit in Miami.

All In Enterprises, founded in May 2012, consists of a group of young black entrepreneurs involved with all aspects of entertainment.The diverse paths of each AIE member crossed in historic Birmingham, Alabama. With similar goals and everyone being attuned to the same vision, there is little that can’t be done when this mastermind group is at work.

The A&R Power Summit is one of the most vital and most respected music conferences in the world. It is the only conference that focuses on the role of the A&R. Each year A&R representatives from the top labels come together to discuss the important issues affecting the music industry today.

The 2012 A&R Power Summit Weekend will take place on June 22nd and June 23rd , 2012 in South Beach, Miami at the legendary Shelbourne Resort Hotel.

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