1st Place Winner of the 2013 A&R Power Summit: Rapper ImNyyCe

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Brooklyn Rap renegade ImNyyCe is a rare breed. Many are describing him as Hip Hop’s emerging artist to watch. ImNyyCe does everything in a major way and he is currently making a huge impact in the independent music scene with his hit single “Ted Bundy.” The track is explosive! The single is resonating well with his target base and is receiving a great deal of support and accolades from notable mixshows around the country.

The song “Ted Bundy” is head nodding Hip Hop at its finest. It’s the first single off of his upcoming album entitled “8.” ImNyyCe’s mission is to bring Hip Hop back to a time when it was all about the music. Moreover, he has implemented a strategic marketing strategy designed to make an impact both online and offline. His goal is to get his music directly to the people.

The charismatic MC describes his music as “straight crack” because once you take one hit, you’ll be craving for more. He delivers vivid rhymes and smooth flows. His skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures. ImNyyCe was influenced by such great artists as 2 Pac, Biggie, Jay-z, Nas, Emenim and 50 Cent. But music in general inspires him.

Equally important, ImNyyCe possesses a captivating stage presence. His stage show is filled with tremendous energy. He has gained great word of mouth buzz from is noteworthy performances. In fact, he took the 1st place price at the prestigious 2013 A&R Power Summit in NYC.

ImNyyCe’s plan is to take his sound across the globe. “My goal is to be an international star,” proclaims the rapper. ImNyyCe is ready to make a difference by bringing back the “real” elements of the art form known as Hip Hop. The future looks bright for this Hip Hop juggernaut. For drops, interviews, freestyles, etc. please email cuggiano21@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @@IMNYYCE.


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