The A&R Power Summit Producer Spotlight: Humble Heroz Productions LLC

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According to English Composer Frederick Delius, “Music is an outburst of the soul.” Music is what “feelings” sound like. “Music is the shorthand of emotion” states Leo Tolstoy. The Humble Heroz are a production team from Ohio who can take your music to a new plateau. Humble Heroz Productions LLc is being revered as one of the hottest up and coming producers around. They are visionaries and entrepreneurs. The Humble Heroz are music maestros. As producers, this dynamic team is never limited when it comes to style and diversity.

Their sound is epic, theatrical and “next level.” The Humble Heroz’ unique selling proposition is their innovative production landscape, which delivers sonically superior tracks and cohesive sounds. Their production prowess and relentless work ethic put them in a league of their own. Moreover, they have created a one stop shop whereby they can take a song from its concept phase to the production, engineering and mastering stage; thus resulting into a complete finished product.

The key to longevity is to learn as much about every aspect of the industry that you can. And Humble Heroz Productions LLC has a great understanding of musical trends. They are currently working with a few talented independent artists such as Swah, Our Cellar Door, and F.O.E. (Freedom Of Expression). As well, they have created a fantastic platform for other independent artists in Ohio in the form of their showcase series called “Ohio’s Got Talent” and their concert series called The Scruby Show. And the Humble Heroz have their hand in radio too as a result of their collaboration with radio personality Terence J on z107.9FM in Ohio.

Humble Heroz Productions LLC Presents Our Cellar Door – “Never Hit The Ground”

Additionally, these beat beasts are business savvy. Humble Heroz Production’s hard work and dedication have attracted ADHD Apparel as a sponsor. This is a perfect match of music and fashion. ADHD Apparel started as a simple idea. That idea evolved into a vision. The vision wasn’t to sell clothing, but to showcase the young generation’s lifestyle and creativity. ADHD’s goal is to encourage the thought of following your dreams, and to dismiss the naysayers’ opinions.

Humble Heroz Productions LLC is well versed in many areas of music, ranging from production, songwriting, music theory, recording & mixing services, studio session work and distribution. They are focused on providing multiple services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and they will do everything that they can to meet an artist’s expectations. You can connect with Humble Heroz Productions at and follow them on Twitter @HumbleHeroz8h.

Humble Heroz Productions LLC Presents  F.O.E. (Freedom Of Expression) – “Believe”

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