Diamond Bag Entertainment Strives To Become Major Player In The Music World

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Music is the universal language and Diamond Bag Entertainment speaks it well! This cutting edge and innovative entertainment company is on the verge of major success within the music industry. Diamond Bag Entertainment is a Houston, TX based independent label specializing in R&B/Hip Hop music, artist management, consulting, and music production. The company is navigated by a beautiful and business savvy music executive by the name of Michelle Brewer, whom many are describing as the new female “Berry Gordy.” She is a well connected, hard working, and creative music entrepreneur. Artist development is a key component of her company.

Michelle Brewer grooms her artists and producers to think, act, walk and talk like royalty. “As a manager and entertainment executive, my mission involves helping my artists create a quality sound that is commercially viable and that has the ability to compete in the marketplace” states Ms Brewer. The budding firm is making some major moves. It was recently announced that Diamond Bag Entertainment will be a key sponsor of the 2014 Underground Music Awards.

Moreover, the company’s latest release is a project entitled “Game On Fire” by Memphis, TN rapper Pistol Pat. The street album is a lyrical diary of sorts by Pistol Pat who served 18 years of a 20 year sentence for armed robbery. He poured his soul into his music and was able to positively turn his life around. The project has been well received. With the aid of marketing company CMNY, Pistol Pat has been feature on TheSource.com, InflexWeTrust.com, YoRaps.com, Thisis50.com, CNN iReport, Examiner.com and more.

Other artists on the Diamond Bag Entertainment roster include Mizta Sandman and Hankk McCoy. The constant goal of Diamond bag is to continually raise the bar. “I very proud and honored to work with such talented and motivated artists, raves Michelle Brewer As if her plate of success weren’t already full, the booming business executive also has a book that is part of of a three part series about about the black family entitled “Evolution Of The Game How Dating Has Changed.” The book series will be released under her publishing company called Concrete Rose Publishing. In addition, she is shopping for a movie deal based on the book.

Michelle Brewer is confident that she has the necessary skills, ambition and perseverance to achieve her goal of making Diamond Bag Entertainment one of the most recognized and demanded Record Label/Publishing/Production companies in the entertainment industry. Diamond Bag Entertainment is actively pursuing song placements and licenses for movies, television and video Games. “We are looking to work with artists and labels that have great vision. Our mission is to create catchy and timely hit records,” according to Michelle Brewer. 

Website: http://diamondbagentertainment.com/


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