A&R Power Summit Artist Spotlight: Quintescence AKA Q

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An Emcee embodies the heart of a rapper, but a rapper can never embody the soul of an emcee. In a rap music world that is heavily saturated with superficiality and one-dimensional rappers, one emcee is using her artistry to put the heart and soul back into Hip Hop.

Female Rap rebel Quintescence AKA Q is taking the independent music world by storm. With an impeccable delivery and unmatched cadence, Quintescence is impacting the entertainment scene with unique passion and creativity by developing her own raw yet polished style of Hip Hop. She has been co-signed by Hip Hop legends such as KRS-1 and Grandmaster Caz.

Armed with a pen, a microphone and an unshakable will to succeed, the controversial rapstress uses effortless lyrics and catchy melodies in her songs. Q sits at the helm of Famob Records and her music has been featured on AllHipHop.com, Shade 45 and more.

The versatile wordsmith continues to prove herself as an artist. Her music combines raw intensity and originality with hard hitting beats. Her current singles “EDUCATION” and “Chick Like Me” are heating up the indie charts. Q puts her soul in every track. Her lyrics are clever, passionate and witty. And more importantly, her appeal is international in scope and definition.

Quintescence was born in the Bronx, NY but she currently resides in Georgia. The unique emcee has truly lived a tough life and her music conveys an element of “truth” and “realness.” The harsh reality of growing up with a drug addicted mother has made Q wise way beyond her years.

 Quintescence has definitely beaten the odds and she has prevailed. She is no stranger to life’s hard lessons, which has taught her to be triumphant when obstacles are placed in your path Qis here to break through the monotony and staleness of the current Hip Hop landscape. Her current album is entitled “Storm” and it is receiving rave reviews. 

Q is on a mission to take Hip Hop to new levels. “I enjoy performing. Showcasing gives me the opportunity to create a personal bond with my fans and it gives me the visibility to expand my business,” proclaims Q. Follow Quintescence on her journey to success.

Twitter: @Quintescence

Website: www.QHardInHeels.com

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