The A&R Power Summit Scouting Report: Red Shaydez

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Jesse Atkinson: Give us some background info as to who you are.

Red Shaydez: I consider myself to be a free-spirited yet, well-grounded individual that expresses her art through music. ‘Red Shaydez represents people of integrity that stand for something. I am an independent artist who has had dreams of gracing the national/international airwaves and television screens since I was seven years old. Music is a way of life.

JA: What is the significance of your stage name?

RS: When I was a little girl, my aunt took me to the store and let me pick out any pair of shades that I wanted. The ones that stood out to me the most were the red ones. Being that I was an only child, I use to come up with all these alter- egos and that day I became Red Shaydez. It has a unique spelling because I incorporated my nickname into it which is Shay-Shay. Over the years, my stage name holds much more meaning. Red represents passion and Shaydez represents my vision and how I view things through MY perspective. When you listen to my music, you begin to discover who I am as a person.

JA: Who is your target market?

RS: 18-30 year old Men and Women who like lyrically-inclined but catchy Hip hop. Red Shaydez represents the alpha women who are educated but knows how to balance a carefree lifestyle.

JA: What is your USP? (Unique Selling Proposition) and what sets you apart from other artists?

RS: I stand for something that most artists in the forefront don’t. I have the persona of a “rapper” but I have a deeper meaning in my music without sounding self-righteous. I’m all about balance. Usually with artists, it’s either black or white. I represent that grey area.

JA: What single or project are you currently pushing?

RS: I just released a visual for my latest single “Serena Williams” which can be found on

JA: What is the philosophy by which you live by?

RS: Live life by your own standards. Live your happiness regardless of what it looks like to others. Be unorthodox.

JA: Which artists have inspired you?

RS: Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, and Nas to name a few. Those are some of my all-time favorites.

JA: Who does your production?

RS: I work with a variety of producers. I am excited about the Serena Williams effort because a female producer produced this record and from the hard-hitting instruments used in the instrumental, people would assume otherwise. I’m very selective in my beats, so what ever evokes an emotion out of me, I purchase the beat.

JA: What is your opinion of the current state of the music industry?

RS: The old me would have said it was horrible due to the lack of variety, but now I have to say it depends of how you look at it. Now there a tons of artists in the industry. It depends on your taste in music and what your searching for. People often say there’s no good artists left anymore…there are–but you have to dig for it. You also have to be adaptive and learn the latest music trends as far as marketing. What once worked in the 90’s no longer flies in ’10’s. You have to stay on your game.

JA: If you can change one thing about the music industry what would it be and why?

RS: I would bring back artist development and create affordable ways for artists to be discovered.

JA: Are there any singers that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

RS: I would like to collaborate with Jhene Aiko, Jazzy Amra, and SZA.

JA: What producer would you like to collaborate with in the future?

RS: Timbaland for sure. He is my favorite producer of all time.

JA: What is your favorite movie and favorite book?

RS: My favorite movie would have to be (there’s too many to name). Crooklyn by Spike Lee. I have a film background so I really look up to Lee’s work. My favorite book is My Sister’s Keeper.

JA: What is your favorite part of your live show? How has it evolved?

RS: My favorite part is when I spit an a capella before my set even starts. My live show now includes crowd participation which makes it that much better.

JA: What is your website?


JA: Any final words for the people.

RS: Make sure you watch my latest video Serena Williams and follow me on every social media platform @RedShaydez1. Thank you to all who took the time to read this. Peace and One Love.


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