The A&R Scouting Report: Young H. Skyline – “Real”

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young H skyline new two

There seems to be a lot of talk within industry circles about Pennsylvania based rapper Young H. Skyline. He is quickly making a name for himself in the world of Hip Hop. This rap juggernaut continues to prove himself as a lyricist and he has garnered the respect of many of his peers from around the country. Young H. Skyline is a new strain of Hip Hop. His motto is “Go Hard or Go Home.” He combines raw intensity, and originality with dynamic, hard hitting rhythms. He is most notable for his exuberant, richly orchestrated, fusion of contemporary Hip Hop and reality rap.

Young H. Skyline’s steadfast dedication and drive has resulted into a solid and growing fan base in his hometown and beyond. One listen to his music and it’s evident that this gifted rapper is destined for greatness. From his polished yet practical lyricism to his bass-booming production, the rapper shows off a complete package of artistry. Young H. Skyline has developed his talent amidst many obstacles. But, over the years, he has beaten the odds and mapped out a plan for success. His work ethic and focus are incredible!

Young H. Skyline describes his music as “the code of the streets.” Skyline’s lyrics convey a musical diary of sorts; his songs are honest and personal and they touch on matters close to the heart. He writes about observations and personal revelations of the everyday struggle. “My goal is to enlighten and entertain my audience while conveying realistic images of life,” proclaims the rapper. His label, Kurrency Entertainment, puts heavy emphasis on “artist development.” They’re grooming Young H. Skyline to be a diamond in a music world filled with cubic cubic zirconias.

The key to creating a genuine “Buzz” starts with having a great product. Without that everything else is moot. Young H. Skyline is making an impact with his latest release called “Real” featuring Sonny Chulo. The explosive single is garnering accolades and airplay on college radio stations and mixshows from around the nation. Now more than ever a visual component is important for the growth and the development of a music artist. This music video for “Real” may very well be the independent music video of the year. It’s cinematic, captivating, raw and intense. The editing and cinematography by Flow Television are superb. The video captures the energy and vibe of the song. Check it out here.


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