The A&R Power Summit Scouting Report: Emcee NUG

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BRONX, NY – There’s a sickness in the American culture, and the New York-based hip-hop artist known as NUG wants the world to know that he has the cure.

Born of Latino and African decent, NUG was raised in the Bronx during hip-hop’s golden era of music in the 1990s. With a natural ability to sing harmonies and a creative way with words, NUG found himself rubbing shoulders with some of the industry’s early artists. Eventually he would sign to a group called Microphone Terrorists, whose single “No Food and Green Paper” released in 1993 has done on to become a classic overseas and has received more than 2 million units sold.

As the years passed, the members of Microphone Terrorists began pursuing solo albums, and NUG found himself pulled away from the music scene. But in recent years, as many of the original hip-hop artists of the 80s and 90s have returned to the scene, NUG decided it was his turn to bring back more of a pure form of hip-hop with his music.

What makes NUG so unique among those returning legends is his message. During his years away from music, NUG had what he considers to be a spiritual awakening. He said he realized how indoctrinated Americans had become in believing so many one-sided things within society.

“Take medicine, for instance,” he said. “When you research medicine, you’ll see that there are so many different forms of medicine out there that are actually very harmful to the body. Why have we never heard of any alternatives to medicine? The same thing is true for hip-hop music. The labels have pushed things out there in order to dilute and be in control of the market. People have had their ears trained to like this or that, in the same way that they’ve been trained to think that they need an Aspirin for a headache. We’ve been indoctrinating people to think things have to be a specific way. NUG stands for Naturalist Urban Growth – it’s a movement to grow the urban community through nature. It’s a big cause outside of music, though it has a lot to do with music. I’m trying to educate people on proper education of medicine and life. I’m trying to help them live a holistic life without telling them they need specific things. The purpose is to grow the urban environment through nature instead of chemical or alternative e products.

Instead of dumbing down the population, I’m trying to educate the population above the surface of what we’ve been told. You are your own doctor and your own community. Be in control of your own little circle, and if you do, you’ll see the benefits to you and to other people on a whole when it comes to longevity. It’s a lifestyle. We’re creating a lifestyle for people to be self-sufficient. Don’t depend on hospitals and pharmacies. Live a green life in which everything you need grows out of the ground. If we can grow the urban environment through nature instead of through capitalism and businesses and corporations, then we will prosper – both as communities and as a country. Let’s fight for something that could be worth everything to you.”

NUG’s most recent single, “Hell Is Ova,” addresses this idea head on and points out to fans that the period of hip-hop that strayed away from the original foundation of the genre is ready to pass away. He wants to bring back the era of pure hip-hop, while introducing fans to new ideas about alternative medicine and healing.

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