Long Island Poet and Songwriter Anthony Maragni Releases First Album “Obliteration City”

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Long Island Native Anthony Maragni has been fully immersed in the world of poetry ever since his younger years. When asked exactly how long the 27 year old has been writing poetry in addition to songs, Maragni recalls it being a part of his entire life ever since he can remember. Growing up, he listened to all different genres of music, which inspired him to grow his musical career.

The artist began releasing his poetry on his website, in which the following grew at a steady pace. Since November of 2015, Maragni has been sharing his self-written works on his website every Friday. To date, the site contains 114 of Maragni’s original published poems. The songwriter often writes about his experiences with depression, which he has found to be relatable to his audience and fans.

The songwriter began working on his first album in April of 2015. No stranger to tireless, hard work, the artist also began attending audio engineering school. In the midst of perfecting his first project, he gained his degree in audio engineering. For a full year, the artist remained diligent in producing his best work for the project, and began recording the songs he wrote in April 2016. It wasn’t until earlier this month that he released his first rock-infused album on Bandcamp, “Obliteration City”. The album includes ten original songs, which are a culmination of his life experiences that he has also referenced in his poems. His dedicated blog frequenters greeted the album with much appreciation, as it showcased his writing abilities and talent they have been following for years.

As the artist has continuously kept the musical momentum and success going, the album just became available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and all other streaming/retail/music platforms as of recent. In fact, fans can expect to find his original songs on these platforms very soon. As the artist looks to the future, he wants to continue writing more poems and songs than ever. Maragni mentions how he enjoys performing his music for crowds, which means fans can expect to see the artist on stage in the near future. The artist places no limits on himself in his musical and writing career, which continues to make him so relatable and successful.


Make sure to listen to his single “Lost Faith”! “Lost Faith is mostly about compromise gone wrong, or the cycle of hurt that is very easy to fall into with a relationship,” said the artist. “It’s not as cut and dry as just cutting someone out of your life, even if that might be the only solution.”

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