Italian Recording Artist Giorgio Hofmann Just Released Hit Record “Ready Now”

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Giorgio Hofmann is a Milan based singer and songwriter. With roots in both Milan and Barcelona, the artist grew up extremely cultured, which would later give him an advantage in his musical career. Hofmann discovered his passion for making music at a young age, and became increasingly serious about it at the age of 13. He attended schools that were heavily focused on the English language, which furthered his singing abilities even more. By the age of 15, Giorgio Hofmann could sing and write songs in English, Italian and Spanish, which is a talent that has kept him well versed till this day.

At this point in his life, Giorgio Hofmann was a member of a performance group with two other female artists. The artist recalls how the group would release music videos that gained quite a bit of popularity, and began to gain a lot of traction. However, the group shortly split up thereafter, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Hofmann’s career. In 2012, he began to solely focus on himself and the direction of his career.

A year later in 2013, Giorgio Hofmann released his first single as a solo artist titled “I Don’t Care”. This single caught the attention of major Italian producers that are extremely well known in the industry such as Alex Gaudino, Caterina Caselli and DJ Albertino. This was a turning point in his career as he utilized their advice and completely transformed his life for the better. Over the year, Hofmann became his best self mentally, physically, and musically, which is something that helped his career take off in the right direction. “I saw the meaning of sacrifice, and if you put effort and work into it, you can achieve things that are unachievable,” said the artist.

After taking a well-deserved year off from music to focus on his studies, Hofmann released his next single “Damn We Good”. The song was an instant hit among his fans, and grossed hundreds of thousands of views. After briefly residing in Los Angeles and making connections with industry professionals, Hofmann moved back to Milan to continue perfecting his craft while remaining diligent in his studies for school. As mentioned before, Hofmann truly believes hard work is the key to success.

In early June, Giorgio Hofmann released his newest track “Ready Now”. Even though the song is fairly new, it has already gained numerous hits and has been welcome with rave reviews. The catchy, summer tune reflects on the time in his life where he was becoming who he is today, which is an aspect of the artist’s career that he is grateful for.

Hofmann has plans to visit the U.S. later in the year. Though he will always appreciate his fans that have been there since the beginning, he welcomes new fans to listen to his music.

“Ready Now” is available on YouTube and Soundcloud, so make sure to check it out and also follow Giorgio on Twitter!

SoundCloud: Ready Now
Twitter: GiorgioHofmann

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