Marcus Christ aims to save hip-hop genre with new double-album

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COMPTON, CA – Marcus Christ has a deep love and appreciation for the great hip-hop albums of all time. When he thinks about the tapes and records he listened to as a child that made him fall in love with the genre, he remembers how artists back then not only created amazing music but also put together projects that were tied together with themes that were reinforced by skits and stand-up comedy.


It’s that idea that he wants to bring back to the table for today’s hip-hop music. So his new double-album “Prince of the Universe by Marcus Christ,” will be more than a mere nod to those old albums. It will be a new version of that idea that’s fully embraced by featuring his own skits and stand-up as transitions between songs.


“I just got out of jail in November and I have a lot to say,” Marcus Christ said. “I mix, produce and compose my own music, and this project will have one disc that features other producers and one disc that has songs I’ve created myself with lyrics that I’ve written. You’ll be able to see that I’m not an ordinary rapper – I can sing and do stand-up, as well.”


Marcus said he chose his stage name intentionally, despite the fact that it could cause some controversy within religious circles. He wants his name to be a nod to the kind of music he makes, and for him that means he’s the savior of hip-hop.


“That goes back to 10 years ago when people were saying that hip-hop is dead,” he said. “Today I don’t think it’s dead, it’s just watered down. And so this album is gritty, underground truth with unadulterated truthful lyrics. I’m bringing something to the game that you’ve never seen before. I’m igniting a spark and providing a catalyst within the hip-hop genre. At the end of the day it’s more about bringing a reality to something we can hear. It’s about bringing more entertainment through these stand-up moments throughout the album. There are not a lot of rappers who rap and sing, either. So through all of those things I want to be able to give people inspiration that there is still real music out there and somebody is writing songs that people can relate to and listen to on the bus or driving home from a long day at work. I want people to understand that I’m not an ordinary artist – I’m a prodigy, and that term should not be used lightly.”


Two new singles showcase that unique sound and style. The first is called “I get high on the most high,” and Marcus said it’s a song that has lyrics that are easy to learn and sing along to. It’s a feel good song, he said, about “getting high and wearing a tie,” or “getting high on your knees.”


“It talks about God while using that main phrase on the hook,” he said. “It’s something you would smoke to and has a vibe that almost lulls you into a dream-like state because it’s hypnotic and trance-like.”


The second single is a song called “If I die tonight.” He said it’s a song that’s uplifting and he hopes that it will be inspiring for people who are depressed or worrying about their problems.


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