Lou Jefe bakes the beats with new single ‘Pippen’

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MILWAUKEE, WI – Lou Jefe is a musician who wants to invite you into the kitchen for his new project, “Lou Cheffe.” The EP is inspired by his journey through the music industry – a journey that spans more than a decade and has seen him collaborate with the likes of Mike Jones, NotNormal and Earl & E. It’s also a project inspired by his foray into music production – a life pursuit that he has always compared to that of a master chef.

“The production studio is a bakery,” he said. “It has always been a bakery. I bake the beats. I’m in the kitchen, cooking it up. It all started back when I started my own artist and we were working on one of his songs and a lyric he came up with was, ‘This ain’t no trap house, it’s a bakery.’ Atlanta is a trap house, but we wanted to start our own thing up here in Milwaukee. That’s how the idea for the bakery came about. That’s why I named my company The Bakery Sounds.”

Lou started in the industry as an investor, financially backing two artists from his home town for a few years. He and one of the artists eventually branched out on their own and started The Bakery Sounds – purchasing all the recording equipment necessary to make a hit record. But after many years of riding the waves of the industry, they were still struggling to make a name for themselves.

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances and poor decisions, Lou found himself in jail for a couple of months – and it was an experience that turned his life around. He decided to focus on his own solo music career as well as production, and formed what is currently known as The Bakery Music Group In 2016 he started rapping, and in the time since he has worked to perfect his sound and create a project that he’s proud to release to the world.

The first single from “Lou Cheffe” is called “Pippen.” It’s a song that features Money Man, and it has an upbeat vibe with lyrics that nearly anyone could relate to, Lou said.

“I’m using basketball terms as a metaphor for being successful,” Lou said. “It’s like Scotty Pippen, the famous player for the Chicago Bulls. If you’re successful then you’re ballin’ like Scotty Pippen.”

“I know I don’t try to copy off nobody,” Lou added. “A lot of people tell me I have my own sound and my own thing. I just try to be original with everything I do. A lot of times I’m rapping about the struggle, and honestly hard times inspire me more than anything else. I definitely tell stories – when I’m making stuff, I visualize at the same time. A lot of people tell me I inspire them and motivate them. I want it to be successful, but I also want to inspire people and motivate at the same time.”

“Pippen” is currently available for download on all digital distribution sites, and “Lou Cheffe” will be released within the next couple of weeks. To listen to Lou Jefe’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

Snapchat: Cake Boss

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