Snigum uses success of group’s single as momentum to release new music

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HOUSTON, TX – After riding a wave of success stemming from a group project put together by he and his “bruthas,” Houston-based rapper Snigum is ready to release a solo project that he hopes will put his name on the map in the world of hip-hop.

Earlier this year Snigum released the single “Regardless” with his “bruthas,” Shagboi, Swyppa and Rude Boy Boogie. Currently available to download on all digital music sites, it’s a song that he said motivates anyone who listens to it to keep pushing forward through all adversity, regardless of their circumstances. It’s a single that he said was an introduction to his unique style of rap – something that he wants to showcase further with more music in the coming months. 

“My style is versatile,” he said. “It’s like hip-hop and R&B and pop and trap all mixed together. I want people to think of me as someone they could look up to as a role model. I’m laid back but I’m also energetic … I’m humble and lit.”

Growing up on the streets of Houston, Snigum was first introduced to rap and hip-hop by hearing the music his older cousins were listening to. Spending time listening to great music that caught his attention encouraged him to pursue rap on his own, and by age 19 he was pursuing a full-time career in music. He credits some of his style to his early hip-hop heroes, Pimp C, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Tupac and Master P. Much like those hip-hop greats, Snigum said he tries to let every song be inspired by the beat.

“I start off by making my own beats,” he said. “As I’m making a beat, I make up a chorus. If I hear the chorus as that beat is coming, that’s when I know it’s going to be a song. If I don’t hear a chorus as the beat is getting made, then I just move on to the next beat to try to create a song. And with my music I’m gonna be telling stories about life and about things I’ve experienced in the past while I was growing up In Acres Home. You’re going to hear the lit music that people can dance to as well. And I’m going to make some R&B-type music for the women out there, too.”

Another single that Snigum has released lately is called “I Got That Stick.” It’s a song that he said refers to anyone who’s prepared for a war and what they keep with them at all times to be ready for war. 

Both that single and “Regardles” will be songs off an upcoming mixtape called “Bag Bruthas,” which he said he hopes to release later this year. 

Regardles is on all digital music platforms like iTunes.

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