Nate Wavy sets positive vibe with new EP ‘Voices’

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BROOKLYN, NY – In certain circles, “Wavy” is a slang term for always being high. And while this is something that was once true of professional recording artist Nate Wavy, the word is actually more descriptive of his unique sound and style.

As an up-and-coming hip-hop artist out of Brooklyn, New York, Nate Wavy is bringing a sound to the genre unlike any that has come before it. A combination of a high, laid-back kind of feel with lyrics that put you into a zone – Nate’s music is all about creating a good feeling and a good vibe. Much as he uses music to reflect and contemplate the deeper meanings of life, he hopes his music will provoke people to think and put their troubles in perspective.

“Just go into a zone and zone out,” he said. “Start thinking… That’s what my music is, it’s vibe music. It’s getting high music. It’s driving in the rain music. It’s reflection music. And at the end of the day I just want to be known as someone who’s like everybody else. We’ve all been through shit and we all have problems – and I have been through a lot. But I’m gonna fight for the people and I’m gonna help them catch that vibe that helps them to chill and find that positive energy. I like positivity.”

His new EP, “Voices,” is a perfect example of the kind of sound he’s trying to create. All the beats on the project are originals – either created by himself or from producers he collaborated with. Much of his experience in the music industry has been as a producer and audio engineer, and it hasn’t been until this year that he switched over to being a full-blown artist. As such, he’s been able to work with artists such as Rich Homie Quan, Ashanti, Slowbucks, Kyah Baby, D Chambers, Dex Lauper and many more.

And “Voices” is the culmination of a lot of hard work and collaboration to create something that he’s proud of and which he knows will ring true with a lot of listeners.

“It’s about me expressing what I’ve been through,” he said. “Struggling with family and doing my own thing on the side and learning how to make money on my own. It’s about all the voices in my head and reflecting on the different things going on in my mind that I felt like I had to release.”

The breakout single from the project, “For or Five Times,” already has a music video that is getting a lot of plays on Nate Wavy’s YouTube channel. A second video for “Wired from Head to Toe” is also available on his channel, and he hopes to follow that up with a third by January for the single “Million Dollar Baby.”

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