D.Hill adopts new moniker SC King™ as he attempts to put home state on the map

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AIKEN, S.C. – In SC King™D.Hill’s opinion, South Carolina has an absence of mainstream musicians. It’s in need of a flagship artist. And it’s his mission to fill that void. It’s his goal to be the South Carolina King.

Already dubbed the Aiken Ambassador, this fast-rising talent within the hip-hop world is turning heads all along the East Coast. With frequent plays on radio stations from the North to the South and a tour under his belt opening for artists such as Yo Gotti Migos and French Montana, Aiken is creating a buzz that South Carolina has never seen before. And that’s exactly this goal.

“South Carolina finally has a flagship artist,” he said. “I want the world to know that there are great artists that reside in South Carolina – they’re not all in Atlanta and Florida and the other southern states. There hasn’t been anybody strong enough, I believe, to carry that torch before. I feel like it’s my responsibility to show that South Carolina has a voice. It’s very personal to me, that’s why I have SC on all my clothes and all my branding has something to do with South Carolina.”

It’s not just through his music either, that SC King™D.Hill is trying to put his home state on the map. He’s also using his influence and success to give back to the communities in which he calls home. This Christmas, for instance, he’s initiating a program called DHill Haircuts For Christmas. On Dec. 22, all children ages 2-12 can visit the Axis Barber Salon on Hampton Ave in Aiken, SC and he will pay the tab for every kid’s haircut. It’s something he hopes to do every year as a way to give back to the community.

As for the music that is also putting him on the map, SC King™D.Hill just released a hot new single called “FlexBallStunt” that is lighting up the radio waves and is a fixture in many clubs along the East Coast. SC King™D.Hill calls it an “instant party starter” that almost anyone who listens to will be able to connect with on some level.

“The song is about you spending your money in a carefree way, no matter how you got it,” he said. “It’s about activating your inner star player and treating yourself good – splurging, even if you don’t have it to splurge. It’s a real fun track with a mainstream sound and vibe. A lot of my music feels that way because I’m always listening to what’s going on in the music game and trying to find what’s missing and then filling that void.”

SC King™D.Hill has a sound that’s so mainstream, in fact, he often gets compared to TI. And while he considers that to be a major compliment, he also is quick to point out that he is his own unique artist with a unique point of view and sound that is all his own.

“For starters, I’m different because I’m from South Carolina,” he said. “And nobody is going to deliver arrogant dialogue the way I’m gonna give it. I’ll give you a plethora of witty punchlines, arrogant dialogue is what I call it. You’ll hear my stuff and think, ‘This guy thinks he’s the coolest guy walking.’ From beginning to end, that’s what you get from me. My music actually matches up to how I live. And I base everything on real-life experiences. I’m just trying desperately to break into the mainstream. I believe I belong there because I have that sound. When you hear my music, you’ll know I belong there.”

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