A&R Summit Album Spotlight: J. Morgan – “Livin’ Lyrics”

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Bay area Rap wizard J. Morgan aims high with his latest album entitled “Livin’ Lyrics”. It’s a solid effort that fully exhibits J. Morgan’s passion and dedication to his craft. His music is a manifestation of his life and he takes the listener on a journey into the depths of his soul. J. Morgan fuses brash bars with introspective rhymes about the harsh realities of life. The album offers hope and inspiration and touches on every subject from spirituality and money to love and depression.

“Livin Lyrics” captures the true essence of Hip Hop. There are dope lyrics and plenty of food for thought on the album. Overall it’s just good heartfelt music. It’s a captivating release that moves pass generic street tales and takes the listener on a deeper and more introspective level. J. Morgan’s music is raw, intense and personal. However, he has songs on the album that can rock a club as well. Part of what makes J. Morgan so intriguing is his ability to connect with the listener. There is an undercurrent of realness and authenticity in his voice.

Moreover, he bears his soul on this album. The emotions, the passion and the exceeding melodrama, are all there along with the deeper social underpinnings. The project is a symbolic statement for artists who have risked it all and who have made sacrifices for their careers without bargaining their souls. “Livin Lyrics” has classic elements. With this album, it seems as if J. Morgan evoked the musical spirits of Eminem, Bob Marley, Tom Petty and The Beastie Boyz all at the same time. J. Morgan delivers vivid rhymes and smooth flows. His skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures. And his cadence and penmanship are top-notch


Highlights on “Livin Lyrics” include “”Moments” and “Wasted Talent,” whereby he explains his journey through life and music while juggling the challenges of being an independent record label owner. The lyrics on each song are soul piercing and poignant. Another highlight is a song called “Day Dreamin.” On this track J. Morgan talks about his anxiety and depression and the tricks he usese to maintain a positive outlook. It’s a song that many folks will be able to relate to. The lead single on the album is the composition called “Party Like Your Last Day.” The track was produced by Stife and features Allen Kass. The song is a joyous celebration of Hip Hop and life in general. The infectious chorus will stay stuck in your head long after the first listen.

Great achievers have a sense of destiny, and a burning passion to leave a legacy. For artists, their music is their legacy. It’s a piece of “immortality” that will stand forever. J. Morgan has greatly contributed to his legacy with the “Livin Lyrics” album. He adds class, intellect and style to his genre, challenging labels and execs to re-evaluate their marketing tactics of commercializing and diluting Hip-hop. If you’re a true Hip Hop enthusiast, then you will love “Livin Lyrics” from the start to the finish.

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