About Us

The A&R Power Summit is the brainchild of Jesse Atkinson, CEO of Urban Threshold Enterprises Inc, Robert “Mr. Raw” Wright, Chief Operating Officer of Urban Threshold Inc., and J. Price Mars, Executive VP of Urban Threshold Inc. For the past 9 years, some of the music industry’s most influential decision makers have gathered at The A&R Power Summit to share their music business expertise with the summit’s attendees.

The A&R Power Summit is one of the most vital music conferences in America. It is the only conference that focuses on the role of the A&R. The summit’s comprehensive program schedule of panels, workshops, and demo listening sessions address the important issues affecting the music industry today. The A&R Power Summit offers lively and incisive moderators, diverse participants, meaty discussions, fantastic performances and spirited debates.

The A&R Power Summit combines the elements of a music conference, an informational seminar, and an entertainment showcase into one lively event. It also provides an invaluable talent search resource to the music industry professionals present. A&R representatives from the hottest urban labels come together to discuss the best avenues for artists to take to get the record deal that will further their career.

Moreover, Urban Threshold Inc is proud to announce that The A&R Power Summit Seminar series has helped 3 artists secure major recording deals with labels such as Universal, Island Def Jam and Atlantic. Additionally, quite a few producers have landed song placements due to the connections they made at the A&R Power Summit. Equally important, at each summit, the A&R Power Summit committee presents special awards to music industry professionals for outstanding achievement in their field.

Past A&R Power Summit Award recipients include: Bryan Leach, President of Pologround Records/SONY, Chivon Dean, President of Ruff Ryders, Wayne Williams, VP of A&R of Jive Records, Lenny Santiago, VP of A&R of Def Jam, and many more

The Mission:

The mission of the A&R Power Summit is to give talented artists and producers, who have few connections or resources, the chance to get their music heard and the chance to receive valuable business information regarding the music industry.

Who Should Attend:

Participants in this event will include: Major label A&R’s, unsigned artists, independent record labels, publishers, managers, fashion executives, film makers, producers, internet companies, distributors, booking agents, journalists, retailers, lawyers, songwriters, models, DJ’s, and much more.